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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to PBClash.  This privacy policy was created to describe the information that PBClash shares with third parties and the type of information that is collected, tracked and how the information is used. 


To register with the Website you will need to provide certain personal information including your name, email address, phone number, address, ranking, club affiliation and other information.  We will use this information to help you fulfill tournament registration, PBClash registration, and provide it to third party suppliers and partners, such as Tournament Directors and payment service  providers, business partners, financial institutions, shipping companies, postal or government authorities such as customs. The information you provide at the Website may also be used for PBClash or its affiliates and suppliers marketing and promotional purposes.  


Your use of the PBClash website signifies your consent to PBClash collecting personal information about you. 


PBClash is a website open to the public and the public will be able to see your performance at tournaments as well as your rankings. 


PBClash may also monitor traffic on its website and collect information about domains that visit our website and may collect buying information or tournament entry information.  We may track and analyze clickstream data.  We also use cookies to analyze computers accessing our website and to make the user experience is optimized when you come back to visit the website. You can modify your cookie setting on your browser allowing you to turn off the cookie feature. These cookies may also be used by third-party providers that are on our website. We may also use advertising companies to deliver ads to you when you visit our website which are tailored to your interests. PBClash may use vendors to generate leads or to help analyze how you interact with our website. Your data may be used and transmitted to third parties to provide customer support, and product development.


We may transfer data to service providers such as hosting and communication providers and payment processors. If you elect to enter a tournament or purchase anything else from our website you will enter into a service agreement with our payment provider Stripe, Inc. for the payment service and their use of your data. Stripe’s privacy policy can be found on Stripe.com. From time to time other third-party platforms may integrate our rating and player profile data into their platforms. 

If our business goes through a sale or reorganization your data may be transferred or sold to the new organization. If you sign onto our website through social media we may collect social media information. 


PBClash does not want to receive any confidential information from you (excluding your credit card information).  


Your personal information will also be shared with the Tournament Directors so that they can contact you about the tournaments that you have entered.


PBClash reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time.