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Frequently Asked Questions

PBClash is a one stop location to find all local doubles (Men’s, Women’s and Mixed) tournaments and to use these tournaments to achieve a PBClash ranking. PBClash.com allows tournament directors to post tournaments easily and have all the transactions performed online. Players register for the tournaments using an easy-to-use interface.

PBClash computes a ranking for each player using a proprietary ranking system based on each tournament’s results. You don’t have to be a professional player to obtain a ranking or enter professional tournaments. We encourage regional and local tournaments to post and receive ranking results. You can compete locally with your friends and see your ranking change.

Rankings are listed and searchable so that the best in the state can be found and you can size up your competition for your next matches which can be found here. Most pickleball players, play tournaments in various tournament facilities and with various tournament directors. PBClash allows all of these results to be converted into a ranking.

There are 18 ranking levels. Bronze I-IV, Silver I-IV, Gold I-IV, Platinum I-IV, Supreme and Supreme Pro CLICK HERE to see all ranks and their images.

The ranking levels are distributed over somewhat of a bell curve and a proprietary ranking formula calculates your ranking based off wins. You cannot obtain a ranking unless you play at least 5 matches to obtain a ranking. Typically, a single tournament requires you to play at least 5 matches, so after most tournaments you should receive a ranking.

A team ranking is calculated for a particular match, and this team ranking is used to determine if your individual ranking is affected by a win/loss. Our unique ranking system allows you to achieve various levels and lets you quickly scan for players of similar level.

For example, most Gold III players will have similar ability. As you beat higher ranked players, your ranking will go up more than if you beat similarly ranked players. Similarly, if you lose to lower ranked players, your ranking will go down more than if you lose to similarly ranked players.

This is a super simple proccess.

You can email us at support@pbclash.com or CLICK HERE to be redirected to our contact page.

An email will be sent to our support to ask you a few questions about your courts location and to provide you with registration terms and conditions. You will have a response very quickly. Once authorized you will be able to start posting your tournaments and collecting the tournament fees directly into your account.

CLICK HERE to register. Registration is free.

Once registered you can sign up for tournaments and your player profile will be populated, allowing you to upload a photo etc. All of your tournament results will be linked to your profile along with a ranking.

You will then appear on ranking lists such as “mixed doubles” or “state rankings” once you have AT LEAST 5 matches played.